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If this isn't how you wanted the make-up to turn out, I'm afraid of what you wanted it to look like. I love this. It's incredibly spook...




It's been a while.
Not much has happened, though. The big news is that I submitted Would  You Like Some Free Pens? to the Milwaukee Film Festival. I should hear back from them within a month. Benson, Out Of This World is actually done (took him long enough, amiright) and premiers today, the 21st. I'm still working for Dead Man's Carnival (so many links! I'm so popular!), though we haven't had the time/storage space to get any videos up yet. Soon, minions, soon.
In other news: you may or may (probably) not have noticed that there are no pictures of me cosplaying Sanji from ACen this year. This is for a very good reason. I have not found a single one. I don't know why, I've spent hours (too. many. hours.) looking, but to no avail. So, if you see something that you think is potentially me (I'm the really attractive Sanji who was apparently just not good enough), show me! I know no one will, but hey.
Also: I am feeling an urge to write come on. But you know me, laziness is a virtue (that's how that works, right? Right, guys? Right? Anyone?).

Yes, by the way, I did see The Dark Knight Rises today. And since this is the only place I express myself in public (because standing on a soap box and yelling  at bus stations doesn't count), I thought it was great. Really, I thought it was better than The Dark Knight (heathen!). The Dark Knight is great, obviously, and Neal Adams says it better than me when he says that The Dark Knight Rises isn't the end of a comic book trilogy, it's the end of an epic (paraphrased). But, to be honest, The Dark Knight is long and pretentious. Heath Ledger was amazing as the Joker, but that was really what carried the movie. I truly feel as though if anyone else played the Joker, the movie would have sucked and been incredibly difficult to watch. Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors ever, and I aspire to be like him in many ways in my work, but this doesn't mean his movies are infallible.
This being said, The Dark Knight Rises is a better movie, to me, in many ways. Not only because it just didn't feel like the 2 and a half or so hours it was, but because it was just more cohesive. More plot, less melodramatic bullshit. I feel as though Bane was a better villain than the Joker because Bane actually challenges Batman, whereas the Joker kind of just shook everything up and made Batman re-evaluate his life and etc. There was also a certain twist that made me very happy, even if it didn't really make sense with my pointless understanding of the Batman canon. The movie was not without it's problems, some parts were indeed just silly or not well acted/directed/edited/whatevered, but it created an experience that I think was more entertaining and enjoyable in total. Except for the last two minutes. The last two minutes are complete bullshit.
Of course, I saw that movie 12 hours ago, and The Dark Knight probably a year or so ago last. So, my opinion might be a little skewed. We shall see in time.
Though, at the moment it seems that one cannot mention The Dark Knight Rises without some talk about the tragedy in Colorado. This pains me, for several obvious reasons. As per my understanding, the man responsible was no sheep, mindlessly following the "example" (as I'm certain we will hear in the media, and has, in fact, already been suggested) set forth by violent video games, music, movies, and comic books. The man was 24 and in the process of getting his doctorate in some sort of neuroscience. Police found his house booby trapped in a way that they had never experienced and have spent the last day diffusing to attempt to allow entry. As per the last time I checked, they had stopped for the night. He had also dyed his hair red and has told the police that he is the Joker. These things, as well as considering the age of some of the victims and apparently sporadic nature of the attack, seems to make it depressingly obvious that this was a very, very sick man with problems that were allowed to become something that they never should and probably never would have if he had the help or communication that it is my understanding he was without. I think a lot of things are going to be said about this, and a lot of them aren't going to make sense to the rational mind. It hurts me inside that the opening of something that was intending to entertain and bring joy to people was marred by the cruel and impossible to understand actions of a sick man who needed help he didn't get.
If you have not seen the movie yet, if/when you do, keep this people in mind for a moment. They were hurt doing what you are doing, enjoying something they loved.

And on that sobering note, I will leave you.
Until next time, friends.

"Would You Like Some Free Pens?"
Duskwood Productions
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A 20-something-year-old filmmaker out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am here to defy genre and exceed the expectations of my work.



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